Sometimes the more common choices for flooring do not meet the requirements of your project. Maverick flooring provides a selection of alternative flooring materials.

Cork is a natural & renewable product that comes from the bark of the cork oak tree without harming the tree. It is a great choice for either commercial or residential properties. Cork is impervious to moisture & dirt so it is easy to clean. Its resiliency makes it soft underfoot as well as deadening sound. It also retains surface heat and insulates, so it can also save on energy.

Rubber flooring is a 100% recycled product. Rubber is resilient and therefore soft underfoot. It is available in sheets or tiles that are flexible & easy to cut offering endless design possibilities.

Bamboo is a natural grass product that is stable & renewable.

Vinyl Planking One of the newest trends in commercial and residential flooring is vinyl planking.   It is a durable, cost effective and low maintenance alternative to traditional natural wood and ceramic tile.